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Muskwa Computer Sciences is the one you can rely on to help with all your IT support issues. We provide both remote and on-site solutions; depending on the issue and severity involved. Our primary focus will be to diagnose and resolve whatever the situation is, allowing you to return to normal operations. We will also take in a full-scope of the problem and integrate fixes and preventative systems to avoid similar situations in the future.

Support & Recovery IT Support

How We Can Help

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OnSite IT Support

OnSite Support

In some cases, we might not be able to diagnose and correct issues virtually. Muskwa understands that this can arise and want to assure our clients that we are prepared and happy to visit you onsite.

Our first response will be to investigate things through digitally accessing your systems and networks to gain a basic understanding of what may be the challenge. At that point, we will then schedule a site visit, of course following our COVID-19 protocols. As we work through to resolution, we'll be sure to keep the communication flowing so you understand what the situation is, how we are going to resolve it... and how we will prevent it from happening again in the future.

We understand that IT issues can be frustrating. You can confidently trust that Muskwa will do whatever is necessary to ensure that business keeps moving.

Remote IT Support Services

Remote Support

In this day and age, most issues can be resolved remotely. Not only is it a real time-save, it is typically the most cost-effective way to resolve the issue. Through our remote support software, we can connect to your system/network/workstation, diagnose the issue, and apply the necessary fix with little interruption to the day-to-day operations. 

Remote support has additional benefits. No travel time is required, and businesses don't even need to be open in order to be working on the system. That means that if there is an issue that is important, but not necessarily urgent, remote support could be performed outside of peak hours. As your IT partner, Muskwa understands that downtime is something that needs to be avoided whenever possible. We take the approach of "let's just make this work for all of us".

Failover Solutions IT failure prevention

Failover Solutions

Failover solutions provide redundancy in your business operations. If a key piece of hardware/software is to fail, the system will recognize this and engage the failover solution so that business productivity is not impacted. It's like that generator that kicks in when the power goes out.

Muskwa can analyze your system and set up and determine where failover solutions are critical, providing a strategic plan to implement, test, and maintain these solutions so that you never have to think of them again.

Quick Recovery Solutions Fast response IT solutions

Quick Recovery Solutions

Catastrophes happen. And no one reacts well or is prepared. Actually, that's not true. Muskwa is prepared and set up to respond to such situations.

Quick recovery solutions are backup solutions in case of a considerable failure. 

If one of your servers goes down and no failover solution in place, we can use the backup hardware to quickly rebuild a new server. Or if one of your employer's PC reaches the end of its unexpectedly and a new one is needed, we can have the base hardware on-hand and have them back up with all files and programs restored in a short amount of time. No more "what do we do, what do we do?" Give us a call or contact us through our Help Centre.