Asset Management

We know that every organization - big or small - has what seems like an unlimited number of assets to help them succeed. We also know that keeping track of these tech assets can be a struggle and may be wasting your money! With an asset management and tracking system in place, you will stay organized and gain efficiencies.

How many active subscriptions do you have that are lost in the shuffle? How many systems do you have that are doing the same thing, and therefore costing you money? How many are outdated, need to be upgraded, or aren't even being used at all? How many...? 

All too often, your tech assets get overlooked or forgotten because they aren't really something you can hold. This is where Muskwa comes in. We take the time to sort through, to track, to implement, and to monitor your assets so that you, well, don't have to. 

Asset Management Track your Subscriptions

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IT Asset Tracking keep track of tech assets

IT Asset Tracking

IT Asset Tracking allows you to view and manage your current tech assets; these assets can range from servers and other hardware devices, to software applications and licenses. Tracking your IT Assets means you have full visibility of your systems, have access to the right information to make smarter decisions, and can make faster repairs. 

Muskwa works to:

  • compile and maintain a complete inventory or your hardware and software systems
  • flag any change by scheduled scans; automatically communicating results 
  • understand the state/stage of IT assets (working, down, expired, etc.) for accurate tracking

Wouldn't it be reassuring to know that there was a single page - a single system - for who has what, where it is, where it's supposed to be, and if it's working? And if everyone is looking at the same page, then doesn't it make sense that duplication is avoided, the unused is discarded, and money and time is being saved? This is how Muskwa knows we are making a difference.

IT Asset Management and Monitoring

IT Asset Management

IT Asset Management is one of the many layers that contribute to the success of a business. Unfortunately, it is one that can slip through the cracks leading to an impact on day-to-day operations and uneccessary increase in costs. 

IT Asset Management will ensure that your organization’s assets - tangible and intangible - are being used and monitored. Muskwa's review of asset functions will optimize spending and improve strategic decision-making related to IT. 

With strategic asset management, companies can maximize both the value and lifecycle of their assets as well as enhance the security and confidentiality of business and client operations. As technology evolves it is necessary to track all movement throughout your organization’s IT environment. Asset Management should be real-time; no more yearly dig-through-the-vault expeditions to try to understand where you are, how you got there, and what you need.

We'll walk you through the management system that works for your business and budget.