Frequently Asked Questions

Muskwa works with businesses of all sizes. We work with companies with employees in the hundreds to small businesses with only one or two employees. We can tailor a robust, comprehensive IT solution for your business that will have your company focusing on doing what you do instead of dealing with IT issues. We do our job so that you can do yours.

Muskwa has expert level Linux administrators that have extensive experience with a wide variety of Linux distributions. If you have a Linux workstations/servers, Muskwa can help.

Managed Services is outsourcing the responsibility for IT requirement for your organization. This is a proactive model where maintenance, support and other processes are bundled together to improve operations and cut expenses. Your organization will have its own IT team without the overhead and with financial certainty to your organization’s IT budget.

Muskwa is a dedicated group of experienced people who want to partner with your businesses and take all the headache out of IT. We want to give you the confidence to do your work without having to worry about updates, security, backups, hardware lifecycle and many other IT issues that we excel at.

Managed IT

This is the highest level of service that Muskwa offers for your organization. Your organization will have its own IT team without the overhead and with financial certainty to your organization’s IT budget. Muskwa will do a complete assessment of your current IT infrastructure and learn and understand the business you are in so we can best support you now and in the future. We take complete care of your organization’s IT infrastructure including inventory controls and IT policies and procedures. Your
organization will have a dedicated support team that will be responsive to your IT needs, keeping your downtime to a minimum and productivity at a maximum, ensuring that your organization can focus on its intended purpose.

Maintenance IT (Proactive)

Maintenance IT is for the organization that doesn’t have a lot of day-to-day operational IT issues. Usually, these organizations are small to medium sized and employing an in-house IT person does not make financial sense. We will come in and do a complete assessment of your current IT infrastructure and calculate what it will take to maintain your infrastructure every month. We take care of all your IT maintenance and if you need IT support outside of that we will have a special reduced rate for our
maintenance IT customers where we can take care of the issue.

On Call IT (Reactive)

Our passion is helping people and organizations with their IT issues. Please contact us whenever you have an IT issues and we would be happy to help. We are all about building relationships and we would love to show you our IT experience.