One of the most important things I learned from working with First Nations in Canada was that First Nations should be taking care of their own IT needs. With very few First Nation people who have been given this training, Nations typically farm it out to companies outside the community or country which means less jobs and local economic prosperity for themselves.

We hope with our new mentorship program we can change that by hiring Nation members not only giving them education in modern technology but also providing employment opportunities within their communities while building up an IT force capable of making sure everything is taken care of locally rather than outsourcing contracts to non-aboriginal corporations.

First Nations vary greatly from one another; some are very small while others may be quite large and complex - either way we're here to help you out! If you would like us take on all aspects of your IT infrastructure management - whether it's assessing what is currently underway or developing new strategic plans going forward- then please contact our office so that we can begin working together building capacity in your First Nation through sustainable development strategies.

Contact me to get started today!